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I Am Third

There are three kinds of people.

First, the ones who prefer John Smith. These are the people that everyone needs in their life. Okay, he left her and never came back. But hey, either stay and die. Why have a few dying moments with the love of your life rather than a long life just thinking about her?

Second, the ones who prefer John Rolfe. I don’t need these people in my life. What’s wrong with you?! Smith was better. Way better.

Then, there’s me. Completely ignoring the second Disney movie and the history. Focusing only on the first movie with Pocahontas staring far into the horizon as John Smith’s ship disappear. Never looking up a Pocahontas biography and reading that she ended up with the second male lead. Resulting in me throwing the book out in frustration because I ever read it. Then finally living a life of Ignorance is bliss.

But then, years later, realizing, that we deserve a love that never leaves. And maybe, possibly, and quietly admitting that Rolfe did…

I really don’t want to say it.


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