Author: Clark Resse

I'm a Slytherin. Jedi. Weirdo. A sleeper of reality and alive in the realm of dreams, magic and every probability. A photographer and writer. Forever imagining eleven impossible things at every moment. And dragon conservationist.


“Humans would fly. If money, power and free beers can. We stay where everything is convenient.”

Gretchen, 2017


The Game of Chance

Entry 04

The Game of Chance (Please Don’t Let Me Win)

Clark Resse


J considers for a minute. Maybe he should stay in Mt. Ryvi. Myranna is a slave driver, but she’s probably better than going back to the Nest and facing whatever V is complaining to the Magician.



“I shall believe in fairies. They’re the only ones that whisper I can do it.”

Gretchen, 2017

“So, pass me the liquor so I can see those tinker-things!”